Mondia whitei

Since antiquity, Mwhitei has been used by African people to treat various ailments. The roots were used for the treatment of stress and sexual dysfunction as well as for general aches and pains. Researchers have evaluated the efficacy of most of these claims by screening the Mwhitei for biological activities and have had positive results. Furthermore, Mwhitei has horticultural, nutritional and other socio-cultural values as reported in countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi. The root of Mwhitei is the most popular organ used in traditional medicine; consequently, this has resulted in the species becoming rare or threatened with extinction in the wild. As a result of its numerous uses across the African continent, we have attempted to build a secure supply chain for the precious plant. 

Intelezi African Herbs is concerned about the unsustainable harvesting of some rare and precious plants such as Mondia whitei. For this reason we have initiated cultivation projects aimed at trialing and up-scaling effective horticulture practices.